What Your English Teacher Never Taught You WILL Hurt You


Some jokes are funny, like these:


And some jokes aren’t funny… like the one where you spend your entire high school career writing the same boring five-paragraph essay over and over without ever learning how to clearly and convincingly express yourself in the type of essay that you need to get into college. Ouch.

We’re sure you loved trying to decode Nathaniel Hawthorne’s stuffy English in “The Scarlet Letter”, and we bet you couldn’t wait to over-analyze the crap out of the significance of that green light in “The Great Gatsby”… but maybe, just maybe, you would have liked to put some of that time towards learning how to write a personal statement?

Allison and I were extremely lucky; our high school was the farthest thing from a fancy private school with nearly 70% of the student body identifying as a minority and almost 50% as economically disadvantaged. However, we had an incredible 12th grade English teacher who took time away from the state-mandated curriculum to walk us through the process of writing a personal narrative essay.

Unfortunately, not all students are so fortunate. Some states only mandate one short unit on writing a personal statement, while others don’t require it at all. Those students who have never received instruction on this unique and powerful type of essay are at an extreme disadvantage come time to apply for college. We call this the “Essay Education Gap”, and we know, it’s a cruel, cruel joke indeed.

Fear not! We’ve seen many students improve their odds within a few hours of learning the broad rules and subtle nuances of writing a personal statement. By taking the time and initiative to educate yourself, you too can make up for the “Essay Education Gap” and stand a fighting chance to gain admission into your dream university.